The Instructor Development Committee

The Instructor Development Committee (formerly known as the Mentoring Subcommittee) supports Instructors as they progress through training, teaching, curriculum development, and other community-related activities. They help promote community-building and networking, by providing virtual spaces where instructors from all over the world can share teaching success stories and discuss teaching strategies. For more about our work, see our onboarding document.

Our Goal:
To support Instructors in our community through a range of activities.

Our Approach:
We run regular instructor discussion sessions where people preparing to teach can ask for advice. People who have recently taught can use the sessions to debrief.

Our Structure:
The Committee has monthly meetings, which are open to new members. Meetings are scheduled, organised, and run through this etherpad. For more about committee roles, see the Handbook. We also organise information about our work though this GitHub repo.

Our Leadership:
There are two co-Chairs. Toby Hodges is one of the current co-Chairs. The other co-Chair position is vacant. In addition, a Carpentries staff member is part of the committee as a staff liaison.

Contacting the Committee: Join us on TopicBox!

Current Committee Leadership

  • Sarah Stevens (Co-Chair)
  • Arindam Basu (Co-Chair)
  • Megbowon Kemi (Secretary)
  • Tobin Magle (Communications Chair)
  • Marco Chiapello (Mentoring Chair)
  • Martin Dreyer (Discussion Session Coordinator)
  • Kari L. Jordan (Staff liaison)