The Lesson Infrastructure Committee

Members of the Lesson Infrastructure Committee serve as Maintainers for The Carpentries lesson template and its documentation, as well as for The Carpentries workshop template.

Our Goal:
To maintain and update lesson and workshop templates for The Carpentries.

Our Approach:
We do this by conducting meetings where we review current issues and plan updates. Minutes and other information is stored in this GitHub repo.

Our Structure:
We have monthly meetings. See our etherpad for meeting times and agenda items.

Our Membership:

  • Maxim Belkin
  • Sarah Brown
  • Rémi Emonet
  • Kate Hertweck
  • François Michonneau
  • Tracy Teal
  • Raniere Silva
  • Naupaka Zimmerman

Contacting the Committee
Please send an email to François Michonneau.