This lesson is in the early stages of development (Alpha version)

HPC Parallelisation For Novices: Setup

Software requirements

Please bring your laptop to the course. Your laptop should have a program called ssh or any clients thereof installed and ready for use.


Please make sure that ssh is in your PATH or to install ssh with your distribution’s package manager (like xterm, terminal, konsole, etc. available as well).

macOS / OS X

ssh is typically preinstalled, however be sure to have a terminal program (like e.g. iTerm available as well).


It depends on your version of windows how and if you have to install a terminal and/or a ssh client. Typically, putty, bitvise SSH or mRemoteNG are a good choices.

Logging in

In this lesson, we will be working on the command-line on a remote computer. This means that the commands we enter into the command-line will be run on a different computer than our laptop/workstation.

The first step will be to connect to this computer. This is known as a remote login.

If you run Mac OS X or any other Unix-based operating system on your machine, you can log in remotely by opening a terminal and using the ssh command:

Make sure to change username to the username you will have on the remote machine. Also, please change cray-1 to what your instructors tells you.