About Us

HPC Carpentry operates in the spirit of The Carpentries but we are not (currently) an official program of The Carpentries. We do try to inherit some of the best practices and effort of The Carpentries, which is clearly reflected in things like our Code of Conduct (and how we created this website!).

Vision: Our vision is to be the leading inclusive community teaching data and coding skills for HPC resources.

Mission: Lower the barrier to entry to HPC operations for a wide range of users, so that more people can benefit from the increasing availability of increasingly sophisticated computer systems.

Strategy: Our path to achieving this goal includes developing and aggregating relevant resources, and working closely with like-minded communities.

  • Take advantage of Carpentries open-source and pedagogical standards, so that our material continuously improves.
  • Develop workshops suitable for integration into the existing Carpentries workflow, to allow
    • An “HPC Users” workshop, starting with the Unix Shell and HPC Intro lessons, and following up with example applications using data analysis or containers to demonstrate the advantages of HPC operations.
    • An “HPC Developers” workshop, also starting with Unix Shell and HPC Intro lessons, with follow-up lessons covering how to develop applications for HPC systems.
  • Collect, develop, and organize related material that doesn’t fit into the workshop framework, making it easy to find for interested developers.