Development of Lessons

Suggest an improvement to an existing lesson

HPC Carpentry lessons are collaboratively developed - anyone can contribute and we receive contributions daily. All of our lessons are on GitHub and creating an account is required to contribute directly to the lessons. To fix a typo, correct an error, clarify an example, or otherwise suggest an improvement to an existing lesson, you can file an issue on the lesson’s GitHub repository. For typo fixes and error corrections, pull requests are also welcome! For suggestions, and to propose large-scale changes, please start a conversation through an issue rather than putting in a pull request. This gives the lesson Maintainers and the rest of the community an opportunity to discuss the suggestion before you’ve done all of the work. If you’re not familiar with GitHub, you can also submit a comment or question through one of our communication channels.

For more details on the workflow of how to contribute via GitHub, see this community contributed tutorial.

Contribute to Lessons in the HPC Carpentry Incubator

Any lesson that follows our Code of Conduct, and is licensed either CC-BY or CC-0 can be listed in the HPC Carpentry Incubator. You can learn more about The Carpentries approach to curriculum development in the Curriculum Development Handbook.

The goal of the HPC Carpentry Incubator is to be a place for community members to share resources in early stages of development. The Community Developed Lessons page lists all lessons currently hosted in the HPC Carpentry Incubator. People already familiar with The Carpentries teaching practices can pick them up and teach them in meetups, in class, or in complement of a “standard” Carpentries 2-day workshop. The lessons can also be used by independent learners, outside of workshops.

We will also try to provide a friendly, community-supported, peer-review process for lessons. After the peer-review process, the lessons can be added to the HPC Carpentry Lab. At this time, we are not accepting lesson submissions to HPC Carpentry Lab. If you are interested in having a lesson reviewed for inclusion in the Lab, please submit it first to the Incubator first.