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The HPC Carpentry community is committed to a collaborative and open process for lesson development and to sharing teaching materials. We provide two avenues for community members to share lesson materials - HPC Carpentry Incubator and HPC Carpentry Lab.

HPC Carpentry Incubator is for:

HPC Carpentry Lab is for:

People already familiar with The Carpentries teaching practices can teach HPC Carpentry Incubator or HPC Carpentry Lab lessons in meetups, in classes, or as complements to a “standard” 2-day Carpentries workshop. These lessons can also be used by independent learners, outside of workshops.

HPC Carpentry Incubator

The HPC Carpentry Incubator is a place for HPC Carpentry community members to share Carpentries-style teaching materials at all stages of development, to collaborate on lesson development, and receive feedback from other community members.

Lessons in the HPC Carpentry Incubator are developed and supported by community members and are not officially endorsed by HPC Carpentry. We encourage you to browse the Incubator lessons for materials that meet your needs and to use these materials freely (all lessons should be licensed CC-BY 4.0).

If you are interested in developing or submitting a lesson to the HPC Carpentry Incubator, contact us. Please read the information on our Development of Lessons page if you would like to contribute to the development of a lesson already present in the HPC Carpentry Incubator.

Lessons in the HPC Carpentry Incubator

Intro to HPC lesson materials

Materials to teach terminal fundamentals for HPC users

HPC Python lesson materials

HPC Chapel lesson materials

HPC Carpentry Lab

The HPC Carpentry Lab is a place for sharing high-quality, peer-reviewed lessons that follow best practices in pedagogy and the general teaching practices used in Carpentries workshops.

Lessons in HPC Carpentry Lab have been peer-reviewed. We encourage you to browse the Lab lessons for materials that meet your needs and to use these materials freely (all lessons are licensed CC BY 4.0).

At this time, we are not accepting lesson submissions to HPC Carpentry Lab. If you are interested in having a lesson reviewed for inclusion in the Lab, please submit it first to the Incubator.

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