HPC Carpentry in New Zealand

Megan Guidry is our Regional Coordinator in New Zealand. She works with New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI) and is ready to help you with any questions you have about running HPC Carpentry workshops or any other ways you can get involved with HPC Carpentry in New Zealand! Contact her at [email protected].

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Megan Guidry

Want to host an HPC Carpentry workshop in New Zealand? Fill out this form and Megan will get right back to you!

General questions about HPC Carpentry outside of New Zealand? Contact [email protected] and we’ll get your message to the right team member to follow up.

Upcoming HPC Carpentry Workshops in New Zealand

There are no upcoming HPC Carpentry workshops in New Zealand. Contact us to learn how to host a workshop at your site!

Other Events in New Zealand

The Carpentries Community DiscussionAn update and open discussion on what is happening in HPC Carpentry specifically for people in the AU/NZ region who may want to get involved.21 April 2021
HPC Carpentry Community Discussion11 March 2019