HPC Carpentry at CarpentryCon @ Home 2020

HPC Carpentry will contribute to CarpentryCon @ Home 2020...and is looking for help

Some of the HPC Carpentry team are very keen to bring HPC Carpentry into the carpentries as an incubator project (1) and eventually become a member of the Carpentries (or the Carpentry Lab (2) at least). To start this, they’ve proposed a breakout session for carpentrycon at home (3) which will take place on July 20, 2020.

Besides sampling the community for expectations and hopes, we would love to propose a way forward to bring the community together and focus on hpc-intro (4). Key points of this are:

  • propose a github manager who will coordinate reviews, reviewers and issues
  • propose building a set of task forces to tackle particular issues, and asking for volunteers
  • suggest to hold co-working hours (biweekly for 60-90 minutes via zoom) to establish continuous work on the material

With this message, we call for volunteers to help shape the session (we need at least 2 more people since we plan to have 4 breakout rooms during the session). Please step forward and reply to the open issue in our repo connected to the proposal (5) or to the proposal itself (6) or email us at [email protected] (can you feel how keen we are to get you involved!).

Dialogue & Discussion