HPC Carpentry Task Force

There is an HPC Carpentry Task Force to help formally move our lessons into the Carpentries.

In the fall of 2020, following successful engagement at the Carpentries@Home conference, a number of HPC Carpentry contributors got together and formed an “HPC Carpentry Task Force”, with an expected lifetime of about three months, with the goal of identifying and solving the issues which stand between the current state of the lesson, and incorporating our material into the mainstream Carpentries infrastructure, though the incubator mechanism

An initial meeting was held on Sept. 16, 2020.

Moving forward, the plan is to coordinate several co-working sessions where volunteers can identify and clear remaining issues with the various repositories, and also to have higher-level coordination meetings, approximately monthly, where issue priorities can be discussed, and tasks requiring higher-level coordination can be undertaken.

Discussion and coordination takes place on the HPC Carpentry Slack channel, The Carpentries’ HPC mailing list, and through issues on the coordination repository on Github.

All are welcome!

Dialogue & Discussion